When it comes to the maintenance of stoves and fireplaces, the first recommendation is regularity in taking care of the appliance in question. A cleaning routine of the glass and the various components of the stove will work to extend its duration and prevent damage , always keeping it in good condition.

The material used for combustion is also very important : correctly seasoned wood . The best wood is the one that burns quickly , because it avoids the accumulation of residues and encrustations, both in the part of the glass and inside the flue.

When is it time to clean stoves and fireplaces ? Interpreting the signals they send us is the first step in keeping them in good condition for as long as possible.

Malfunction is the presence of smoke inside the room, followed by the presence of excess soot and the production of unusual odors . In front of this type of landscape, and after having cleaned with a brush and various tools , if the situation does not change, it is recommended to contact a professional .

As anticipated, good maintenance is essential. To keep the fireplace clean in everyday life, just water , a soft cloth , a brush and a dustpan and maybe a vacuum cleaner . Obviously, if you want to personally take care of a more thorough cleaning, you will need to get the basic cleaning kit for fireplaces : extensions and nylon brushes of different sizes.

For those who want a natural remedy, ash is a precious ally in cleaning glass, while vinegar diluted in water, ammonia and baking soda are to be used in case of persistent dirt. In case of very stubborn dirt, being very careful, the most effective is sodium phosphate . If, on the other hand, you want to rely on the power of chemistry, for cleaning the flue, glass and all parts of the fireplace, there are ad hoc detergents on the market .