Gardens add value to living besides appreciating the outlook of the property. Aesthetics and pleasantness is reflected if gardens are well maintained.Gardens house living beings. The plants and greenery therein is a living substance and needs to be looked after with the same concern as human life is looked after.Few steps vital in this regard are stated below:

Proper Sanitation

Plants need water for thier life and growth. Excess watering may result in damage to life and their  growth. Intervals for watering should be properly planned in view of the botanical study of the plants, their characteristics and their biological needs.It is also essential to develop proper sanitation so that the excess water is drained away. Particular care is required in those geographical  locations where rains are uncertain and have high intensity. Rain water no doubt has vitality in it for the plants but its accumulation may turn to be disastrous for the plantations. It is therefore necessary to work on proper sanitation.

Proper Layout

Layout of the garden is also to be planned for the protection of the garden. Plants are sensitive towards their neighbouring plants. Their growth or otherwise demands to place plants taking cognisance of their botanical study. The distance required in between matters a lot as some roots expand horizontally.The sequencing will also add to the attractiveness.

Grow Recommended Varieties

Based on the study of soil and the vitality of sub soil varieties be selected. Variety and sequencing as enumerated above will add to the beautification as well as enrich the garden.

Appropriate Selection of Seeds

Advanced research has paved the way for development of seeds which are more productive in nature and have the ability to survive compared to the seeds developed  conventionally. All seeds may not be conducive for every soil.It is, therefore, recommended that due care be exercised at the time of selection of seeds.

Fertilizers & Pesticides

Timely and proper input of fertilisers is vital for the growth of plants. Selection of fertilisers has to be in compatibility with the seeds, soil and the weather conditions. It should be ensured that the fertilisers are used at the proper time.

To secure a garden it is necessary that proper pesticides are used. The roots stem and leaves have great attraction for the insects and pests. All insects may not be hazardous. A good study should be undertaken regarding the insects attracted to the plants in the garden. Pesticides should be applied only for the insects causing damage to the plants while friendly insects remain secure to protect the plants against any threat.

Properties of soil are consumed with the growth of plants. A proper monitoring of the properties and use of organic and inorganic measures may help the soil to maintain its vitality.

Proper fencing contractors Perth will help in security of the gardens besides keeping the growth within boundaries strengthening the neighbor relations. Use of Stems or bamboo will add to the beauty.